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Yogyakarta – The Faculty of Law (FH) of Jambi University (UNJA) again achieved achievements at the National level in the National Law Competition of UII Law Fair Between Universities in Indonesia which competed for the Mohammad Natsir Cup in 2018 with the theme of Realizing Dignity and Integrity of State Acting Judicial Institutions (19 / 03).

This competition consists of three competition branches, namely, Legislative Drafting, Scientific Writing and National Law Debates. Legislative Drafting Competition or drafting of legislation is a competition intended for all Indonesian Faculty of Law students to review and draft a Draft Amendment to the Law on the Constitutional Court which is carried out through two stages, namely file selection and file presentation. File selection is done to determine the five best files of academic texts and draft laws from all participants who participated in this competition.

The Faculty of Law, University of Jambi is one of the universities that participated in the Legislative Drafting Competition competition and managed to become the five best files and has the right to present the file before the jury at the peak of the competition at the Indonesian Islamic University.

The five universities that passed the final round were University of Indonesia, Diponogoro University, Semarang State University, Hasanuddin University, and Jambi University.

By carrying out 8 points of ideas implemented through 19 Article changes in the Draft Law concerning the Third Amendment to Law Number 24 of 2003 concerning the Constitutional Court, Legislative Drafting Team of the Jambi University Law Faculty under Harry Setya Nugraha, SH, MH managed to bring home Mohammad Natsir Cup as 2nd Place. The success was achieved by students on behalf of Christian Viery, Hottua Manalu, Amanda Dea Lestari, Meidiana, and Imentari Siin Sembiring.

The competition which was organized by the Indonesian Islamic University Faculty of Law’s Indonesian Law Faculty Student Study and Writing Forum (FKPH LEM FH UII) in collaboration with the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia saw the importance of an activity that focuses on the realization of a judicial power state institution with dignity and integrity.

The purpose of this competition is to instill an understanding of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, increase students’ awareness of the importance of realizing judicial power state institutions that are dignified and have integrity, enhance and accommodate student interest, especially in the field of writing, and become a forum for stay in touch between fellow delegates and supporters, instill the spirit and enthusiasm of students as agents of change in realizing the judiciary power state institutions that have dignity and integrity.

This competition is expected to encourage students to think critically and be able to express solutive ideas and are ideal for solving legal problems that occur in Indonesia, especially regarding the position of the Constitutional Court in the Indonesian constitutional system. Therefore, the outcome of this competition will be a recommendation that will be submitted to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia and the House of Representatives as a study material to formulate a draft amendment to the law concerning the Constitutional Court.




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