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2418/5000 The goal of national economic development is the creation of a just and prosperous society, based on Pancasila economic democracy, by developing an economic system that relies on a fair and sustainable market mechanism. To realize the objectives of national economic development that are pro-democratic economy, the national economic system must be implemented comprehensively and be able to move all existing economic sectors. Today’s MSMEs are a concern of the government because they are related to the economic development of society as stipulated in Law Number 20 of 2008 concerning MSMEs......

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Miriam Budiardjo in his book entitled “Basics of Political Science” states that politics is an effort to achieve a better life. Politics in a country is related to the problem of power (power), decision making (decision making), public policy (public policy), and allocation or distribution (allocation or distribution). There is no denying that in its implementation, political activities also include negative aspects. This is because politics reflects human nature, both good instincts and bad instincts. It is not surprising that in everyday reality it often faces many disrespectful activities, or as Peter......

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The series of stages of carrying out a democratic party in Indonesia has begun. This was marked by the agreement of the KPU Regulation (PKPU) regarding the stages of the 2019 Election by the KPU and the House of Representatives Commission II in a joint meeting at the DPR building some time ago. One of the important points in PKPU stated that the stages of the 2019 election began on October 3, 2017 with the first agenda of registration of political parties participating in the election. Regarding this matter, it is necessary......

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Today, the public is again shocked by crucial news which seems to have become a public secret. In fact, this illicit transaction has long been lodged in the body of Lapas (Penitentiary). Various responses from the community have emerged since the OTT (Hand-Capturing Operation) of the Sukamiskin Chairperson, Wahid Husein, by the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) regarding alleged corruption selling luxury room facilities. Then, followed by a inspection by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to Sukamiskin Prison agreed on the alleged corruption. The community must have wondered and disappointed with......

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