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Mendalo The Faculty of Law held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the Study and Utilization of the Results of Corruption Criminal Court Recordings (Case of 2016) in collaboration with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) held in the Fuad Bafadhal Room (13/9).

The FGD was attended by Deputy Information and Data of the Indonesian KPK, Hary Budiarto, Dean of the Faculty of Law Unja, Dr. Helmi, S.H., M.H, FH Expert Team, Dr. Sahuri Lasmadi, S.H., M.H., Dr. Usman, S.H., M.H, Judge of Corruption, Prosecutor of Corruption, Lawyer, Unja Academics, Unbari Academics, Journalists and NGOs in Jambi Province.

Hary Budiarto said that the cooperation between KPK and Unja had been carried out since 2012, at that time the collaboration began with a trial record. The KPK asked students to record trials about corruption.

“The trial was not only for the KPK, but there was a trial conducted by the prosecutor’s office. Well, that can also be done recording. The results of the recording have many uses, both for the KPK itself, for other law enforcers and especially to improve education in the legal field, especially in the manner of the trial, “said Hary.

Harry added, the KPK also cooperated with other universities in Indonesia. currently there are 40 universities that carry out their cooperation but specifically for the trial record there are 34 provinces because the corruption court only exists in the province.

KPK Wants the University to include anti-corruption courses for all students.

“This collaboration is not only on the trial record, but we want the cooperation to be improved. For example, the University can set Anti Corruption courses in its curriculum so that all students can know what corruption is so that it doesn’t happen in the future, “Hary concluded.

Meanwhile the Dean of the Faculty of Law Dr. Helmi, S. This FGD is also expected to produce a formula to prevent corruption for the younger generation.

“We hope that this FGD will produce results of the study to provide input, especially input to law enforcement, for example judges at the Jambi and Tipikor Indonesia Corruption Court. Then for investigators such as prosecutors, corruption prosecutors and scientifically and academically we hope that this will enrich legal knowledge, “said Helmi.

The activity was also attended by students who did the trial record and the Lecturers in the Faculty of Law Unja.




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