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Faculty Leader

Faculty Leader

Dr. Helmi, S.H., M.H,


Assalamu Alaikum Wr, Wb

Praise and gratitude to the presence of Allah SWT, for the launch of the official website of law.unja.ac.id, Faculty of Law, Jambi University, and hopefully all of us will always be healthy in His protection. Amen.

With the commitment to carry out legal education to produce law graduates with the character of scientific discipline that is devoted and faithful to Allah SWT, since 2015 the Faculty of Law of Jambi University has obtained an A (Excellent) accreditation rating from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT).

The vision of the Faculty of Law of Jambi University, namely “to be a Faculty of Law that excels in natural resource law in 2025”. Based on this vision, the mission carried out until 2025 was, first, to conduct legal education oriented to local wisdom, national law and the development of international law. Second, conducting legal research in the field of equitable natural resources. Third, organizing community service in the field of law in accordance with the legal needs of the community towards a law-conscious society. Fourth, organizing an effective and efficient internal management organization.

The leaders of the Faculty of Law, Lecturers and Education Personnel together with students and alumni have made various efforts to realize the vision and mission are realized. Such efforts include collaboration in the academic, research and community services with the government, regional government, the private sector and international cooperation with the Faculty of Law in ASEAN countries.

Learning at the Faculty of Law, University of Jambi is supported by lecturers’ resources with Masters and Doctoral qualifications and professors, the availability of convenient facilities and infrastructure such as lecture halls, libraries, meeting rooms, student center areas with free wi-fi. Of course, with specificity programs that are able to answer the needs of the community for law, namely International Law, State Administrative Law, State Law, Criminal Law, Private Law and Business Law, Events Law, Law and Society and the Basics of Law.


Dr. Helmi, S.H., M.H.

Vice Dean Of The Faculty Of Law Of The University Of Jambi