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Mendalo,In order to improve and increase national insight for Jambi University students and young people in Jambi Province. Unja’s Faculty of Law held a three-day national insight cadre training (23-25 / 7). The activity taking place at the Golden Harvest Hotel was attended by 30 participants who were representatives of 10 youth organizations.

In his remarks, the committee chairperson M. Farisi, LL.M. explained that this event was motivated because today the biggest threat of the Indonesian people actually comes from within the country, especially related to the ideas and actions of intolerance, radicalism, and even terrorism.

Pharisees said, radicalism that developed could be in the form of religious radicalism such as the emergence of ISIS, ethnic / tribal radicalism such as GAM, RMS, and OPM, as well as pure criminal radicalism such as immoral crime, drugs, violence, and deception.

“Radicalism is usually characterized by an intolerant attitude that is a source of disunity for the Republic of Indonesia, so that all levels of society, especially youth, must be vigilant and respond quickly to counter,” said Pharisees.

The Pharisees added, the threat of radicalism and terrorism did not seem to stop in the near future, because the dominant recruitment and cadre phenomenon is targeting the young (millennial) through the internet / social media networks, which makes it easier for them to recruit and conduct trainings.

“The current radicalism pattern is spread through hoax news propaganda strategies, so that it indirectly changes people’s mindset into intolerance, mutual suspicion and culmination in radical and terrorism actions,” he explained.

For this reason, Unja’s Faculty of Law conducts cadre training to improve national insight and literacy and education in cyberspace for the younger generation / millennial.

“The goal is to fortify the radical viruses which are increasingly being spread directly or through social media,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Dean of the Faculty of Law Unja Dr. Helmi, SH, MH. in his speech said that the main objective of this nationality insight cadre training was to explain the models of radicalism and the factors that cause radicalism, increase the youth’s understanding of Pancasila, national insight, unity and Unity in Diversity, and strengthen the capacity of youth to resist and fight the movements. radicalism movement that developed in cyberspace and in the region.

In order to improve the sense of togetherness and competency needed, the trainees were given an atmosphere-building material, outbound games, an understanding of national insights, preventing and blocking radicalism, training in writing opinions, public speaking, leadership and anti-radicalism campaigns in social media. The speakers or facilitators of this activity come from Jambi Regional Police, academics, practitioners or competent civil society.


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