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Mendalo,A total of 580 new students (MARU) of the 2018 law faculty at the University of Jambi participated in the PKK held at the Mendalo campus law faculty, (08/13). This activity was attended by the Deputy Chancellor for General Affairs and Finance, Dr. Sahuri Lasmadi, S.H., M. Hum., Dean, Deputy Dean, Educators in the Faculty of Law.

This PKK MARU law faculty was led directly by the Dean, Dr. Helmi, S.H., M.H. who in his speech thanked and gave the highest appreciation to the brothers of the committee who have prepared everything since two weeks ago to carry out activities today.

“My appreciation is for the committee who have worked until the implementation of the PKK this year. In accordance with the Chancellor’s mandate, the PKK must be held without violence both physically and verbally and there is no hazing, “said Helmi.

The implementation of this PKK is for the younger students to get to know the campus life environment and to understand the ethics and norms in the intraculicular and extracurricular fields, he added.

In his remarks the dean of the law faculty said that there was an increasing interest in entering the law faculty of Jambi University.

“In 2017, the number of new students entering was 420 people while in 2018 the number of applicants increased by 580 people. And in 2018 the law faculty will also accept foreign students from Thailand, “the Dean added.

In addition to providing direction, the Dean also guided direct introductions among all academics who were present to the new students. Finished guiding the introductory session, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs then participated in describing the flow of teaching and learning activities, ranging from subject contracts to planting norms,

This PKK activity itself was carried out for two consecutive days with a variety of activity material that emphasized student discipline behavior and the cultivation of moral values in accordance with the rules of life in the campus.


sumber : https://www.unja.ac.id/2018/08/14/ratusan-maru-fakultas-hukum-ikuti-pkk/


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