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The goal of national economic development is the creation of a just and prosperous society, based on Pancasila economic democracy, by developing an economic system that relies on a fair and sustainable market mechanism.

To realize the objectives of national economic development that are pro-democratic economy, the national economic system must be implemented comprehensively and be able to move all existing economic sectors. Today’s MSMEs are a concern of the government because they are related to the economic development of society as stipulated in Law Number 20 of 2008 concerning MSMEs and Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 17 of 2013 concerning Implementation of Law Number 20 of 2008 concerning MSMEs.

Talking about the development of MSMEs certainly cannot be separated from access to capital. Investments in both Domestic Investment (PMDN) and Foreign Investment (PMA) should be able to provide convenience for MSME players in developing their business. The stipulation of investment provisions through the Law on Investment Number 25 of 2007 as the substitution of Law Number 1 of 1967 concerning Foreign Investment and Law Number 6 of 1967 concerning Domestic Investment has ended the dualism of the regulation on investment either domestic as well as foreign investment. In addition, the presence of this new law at the same time reinforces and clarifies investment arrangements in Indonesia.

To be able to access the capital, it must at least pay attention to legal certainty or (legal certainty). Legal certainty is one of the most important aspects, in accordance with the mandate of Article 13 of Law Number 25 of 2007 concerning investment, namely the government is obliged to establish business fields reserved for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and conduct business development and guidance through partnerships , increasing competitiveness and market expansion. MSMEs have a very important role and are one of the main targets in Law Number 25 of 2007 concerning Investment in Indonesia.

Legal certainty regarding sources of capital that can be accessed by MSME actors quickly and non-discriminatively is expected to increase the role and potential of MSMEs in realizing national economic growth.


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