Lifting the Submerged Bar (folk spirit) Indonesian leader

"Leaders must not be swayed by worldly lusts, his soul must be pure, because when he is still tempted by the lust of the world it will cause damage, the destruction of all the people's property, even the souls of the people are taken and eaten”.

Moral degradation has become increasingly acute in this country, “korea-korea” is no longer ashamed to show the true nature of the oligarchy, The DPR has become the Party Representative Council, no longer representing the people. Rats with ties are starting to bloom ahead of Eid al-Fitr, again and again a district head was arrested (OTT) The Corruption Eradication Commission commits criminal acts of corruption. Recently, in the holy month of Ramadan, there are two regional heads, The Mayor of Bandung and the Regent of the Meranti Islands.

Previously, there was also an OTT uproar in the case of the railroad project at DGKA, and also the drama The strange transactions of hundreds of trillions of alleged money laundering at the Ministry of Finance. Not only that, as a result of the case of Rafaul Alun's child, netizan "rushed" monitoring officials and their families who like to flex in social media, As a result, many officials have been investigated and their families have closed their social media accounts so they don't become the target of netizen investigations.

It is sad to see the behavior of the officials of this country, This nation has been uprooted from the values/philosophies that were built during the formation of the foundation of the Indonesian state. Pancasila as a fundamental norm has mandated that the Indonesian people must be led by people and in a wise manner. The Indonesian nation has high local wisdom in determining leadership criteria, According to the 4th Precept, it is not the figure who gets the most votes in the election who deserves to be the leader of this nation, but a person who has the qualifications of wisdom and wisdom who is able to create prosperity.. Individuals without wisdom are not worthy of leading Indonesia, leadership without wisdom will only lead this nation to the pit of error.

The legal nature of a wise leader can be traced from deep social reality (indication theory) which was coined by Carl von Savigny the pioneer of the school of history known as volkgeist (the soul of the nation). In the context of the Indonesian state, the nature of the leader can be traced according to the opinion of the founders of the nation at the BPUPKI session.

The essence of a wise leader can be found in the speeches of the parafounding father/the nation's founders when conveying their opinion on the basis of the state at the BPUPKI meeting in May-July 1945 which is summarized in the book Conference Proceedings of the Indonesian Independence Preparation Research Body (BPUPKI) & Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (PPKI) Jakarta, 1998. I'm sure not everyone has read this book, So in this brief opinion, hopefully it will open the eyes of this nation's heart to be wiser in choosing leaders in elections 2024.

Some of the characters that I will explain are; first Muh. Yamin, He explained that the basis of the Indonesian state: 1 national fairy, 2 human fairy, 3 divine fairy, 4 citizenship fairies and 5 the well-being of the people. When explaining the folk fairy he breaks down into three things: first consultation, two representations and three wisdoms. He explained that the wisdom that became the leader of the Indonesian people was healthy rationalism, for having delivered from anarchy, liberalism and colonialism.

The second independence figure is Ki Bagoes Hadikoesoemo, based on his speech at the BPUPKI meeting 31 Mei 1945. He said that all the chaos that exists in society arises from a tangled soul driven by human passions, then it gives rise to contemptible morals and evil will and greed, want to win by yourself, want to enjoy myself, and want to get rich. For that, what this nation must improve first is its character, when the character of the members of the community is good, good deeds and progress will undoubtedly be created. He explained that in order for good character and character to arise, one must have firm faith, always water the heart with worship, do righteous deeds and strive in the way of God. So when our leaders believe, obedient worship, doing righteous deeds and fighting for the truth, God willing, a prosperous society will be created, adil, prosperous and prosperous.

The third national figure is Prof. Mr. Dr. Soepomo in his speech at the BPUPKI meeting dated 31 Mei 1945 explained that the national state of Indonesia is a unitary state that maintains noble human values, uphold the noble moral ideals of the people. Therefore, the basis of the Indonesian state is to use a noble moral basis as also recommended in Islam. This means that government leaders must have good morals and submit/fear God as the foundation of the state.

The fourth character is Ir. Soekarno in BPUPKI meeting 1 June 1945 explained about the philosophie grondslag or Weltanschauung of the Indonesian state, namely the five principles: Indonesian nationality, internationalism/humanitarianism, consensus/democracy, social welfare and the principle of divinity. According to Soekarno when interpreting democracy, people's representatives who will enter parliament must be people who are able to bring prosperity to the community, meaning they must be able to realize politieke rechtvaardigheid and sociale rechtvaardigheid and must have the nature of mutual cooperation.

The fifth Nation figure is Soekardjo Wirjopranoto conveyed at the BPUPKI meeting on date 10 July 1945, when discussing the basis of the state, he said the most important thing is not the form of the country but the soul of the form, the leader/head of state. therefore in the soul of the leader must embody justice, purity, the unit selected by way of deliberation then work together for the welfare of the people.

The sixth figure is Sanoesi presented during the BPUPKI meeting 10 July 1945, his view on the criteria of a leader is that he cannot think of himself or his relatives or his family, but what is concerned is the general public. Leaders cannot help but be swayed by worldly lusts, his soul must be pure, because when he is still tempted by the lust of the world it will cause damage, the destruction of all the people's property, even people's souls were taken and eaten.

From the views of the nation's founding figures above, we can draw the conclusion that the morals and spirit of the leader are very important in running the wheels of government, It is not enough just to be scientifically smart but also to have a high level of piety, that is what the nation's founding fathers hoped that the people would be led by wise and prudent leaders, have the spirit of mutual cooperation for the welfare of the people.

Mochammad Farisi, UNJA Faculty of Law Lecturer & Director of the Center for Democracy and National Studies

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