Registration for MBKM Legal Profession Internship

Based on cooperation between the Faculty of Law, Jambi University and the Branch Leadership Council of the Jambi Advocates Association (DPC Peradi Jambi), implementing the MBKM Flagship Legal Professional Internship Program which will be implemented in the stages below:

11-14 September 2023Registration
18 September 2023Announcement of Graduation of Administrative Files
20-21 September 2023Supply
25 September 2023Announcement of Graduation of MBKM Internship Implementation
2 October-29 December 2023Implementation of MBKM Internship
4-5 January 2024Mahgang MBKM test

The requirements for implementing the MBKM Legal Professional Internship are as follows:

  1. Semester Student 5
  2. Minimum GPA 3,50
  3. Ready to follow the whole range of activities
  4. Opinions are original in Microsoft Word format (relationship between courses and activities of the Legal Profession MBKM Internship)
  5. Registration Link:  

In the administrative selection stage, the Opinion will be assessed regarding suitability, and there are as many converted courses as there are 20 SKS as follows:

  1. Ethics & Professional Responsibilities
  2. Tax and Levies Law
  3. Consumer Protection Law
  4. Spatial Law
  5. Introduction to Legal Philosophy
  6. Legal Research and Writing Methods
  7. Natural Resources Based Entrepreneurship
  8. Legal Profession Internship

In implementing the MBKM Legal Professional Internship, students will also receive Certificate of Accompanying Degree (SKPI) which is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology, and Republic of Indonesia Higher Education Number 59 year 2018. SKPI is a document that contains information about the academic achievements or qualifications of higher education graduates with degrees. At the debriefing stage, students who pass the file administration stage will receive debriefing in the form of Advocacy Professional Ethics., Judicial Procedure Practice, Legal Argumentation (Legal Reasoning) which will be delivered by DPC Peradi Jambi and accompanied by pre test and post test at the beginning of the debriefing activity and at each session it is related to the assessment and understanding of students to gain 50 The best student in the MBKM Legal Profession Internship release.

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